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Why Action Bamboo Fly Rods?
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Welcome to Action Bamboo Fly Rods

If you're passionate about fly fishing, an Action Bamboo Fly Rod is a must. Rod builders for centuries have been building rods with various materials such as wood, steel, and more recently carbon fiber and graphite. So what makes Bamboo such a desirable material for building a fly rod? No two pieces of bamboo are the same, each culm has its own DNA which makes them unique. Because it is a living material it becomes one with you. No other material offers this uniqueness. I use only the finest species of bamboo from the Tonkin Prefecture in the Guangdong Province of China known for its strength and flexibility. Weight for weight it's as strong as steel. Each rod is crafted for you specifically and no two rods will ever be the same. Crafting a fly rod is an act of dedication taking 60 to 70 hours to complete. Once you have fished with one of my fine split cane rods you won't want to fish with anything else.
Action Bamboo Fly Rods will build you a fly rod you will be proud to own.

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